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Who we are

Italfood S.r.l. was established in 1998 and builds on its partners’ previous experience in the field of the artisan-scale production of fresh egg pasta. This experience dates back to 1975 and has seen the partners move from small-scale production to large-scale industrial manufacturing. The partners’ experience of the industry, gained well before the establishment of Italfood, has become consolidated in one of Italy’s leading industries in the production of fresh egg pasta.

The founding partners still play an active part in the company, covering the important positions of Sole Director, Commercial Manager, Plant Manager, Head of Plant and Equipment and Head of Accounts for the accounting, administrative and financial part. Since its establishment until today, Italfood’s turnover has grown at a constant and fast rate each year.

Today, its turnover reaches 15 million Euro. The forecasts, especially considering the considerable investments allocated to expand and improve the manufacturing plant, hint at an upward trend also in the years to come.

Italfood’s manufactures out of a covered facility of 7,000 sq.m. located in a property of 12,000 sq.m.. The company also resorts to another facility of 1,500 square metres located in Verona that has specialised over the years in the production of niche artisan products. Generally speaking, Italfood operates 9 production lines. A new wing is currently being built on to the factory to enhance and diversify its production capacity.

The Ala plant deals with everything associated to manufacturing and logistics, including all commercial and administrative issues. Italfood employs between 50 and 60 staff, in addition to a dozen temporary workers and consultants covering commercial relations with the Italian and foreign markets.